Inspire each other!

My sister, Maribel Ximenez-Carrillo, and I have a deep connection, support and inspire each other and also work together as a trainer team. 

We are currently working on new concepts for exciting and inspiring seminars. Maribel offers Horse Assisted Coaching, Leadership Trainings and much more. If you are interested, check out her website!

I owe a lot to Wera. Because of the in depth work with her (soul journeys etc.) I was able to release a lot of stuck energy, dissolve moments of cause and effect from my childhood and past lives. 

On her website you fill find a beautiful online shop, next to a lot of information about her work. 

In her shop you can find beautiful things like energy paintings, your personal soul symbol ( channeled and painted), energizing coasters for water and much more.

A lot of her items also make wonderful gifts for someone special. I can highly recommend her shop!