I have experienced it myself, how helpful it can be to have someone by your side, that is supportive and consultative.

In our world, that is changing so rapidly, we are all confronted with challenges and at some point, we all need some help dealing with and resolving difficult situations and issues.

When I am being coached by someone, I would like that the coach perceives me in my entirety, meets me on eye level, has an open mind and helps me see things from a new perspective.

I always include viewing a situation from the higher, spiritual level, as it permeates our entire being and influences our lives in every second.


To look at and explore my life in this way helps me immensely and often reveals to me the meaning of something, that I wouldn’t have grasped just by looking at it from a human level.


During a coaching with me, I offer you a safe space, in which you may talk about anything that moves you, occupies you and challenges you. Together we will explore new ways and possibilities to dissolve old thinking and belief patterns, that no longer serve you, and to create your life in a way that is in alignment with your entire being.

Everything has its space to be talked about, be it everyday life, family issues, anxieties or deep spiritual issues.

For some people it may be difficult to open up to someone, especially to a stranger.

I assure you that in our coachings I will be free of any judgement, will be respectful and always have an open heart, mind and ear.


A coaching can of course be complemented by sound and energy healing, if you wish.


I would be honored to accompany you on a part of your life’s path!