Energy Healing for horses

Energy Healing

for horses

Animals are wonderful, sensitive creatures, that perceive much more of everything and everyone around them than some are able to imagine.

Here we are talking about horses, but of course all animals are susceptible to energies.


Since my sister Maribel (more infos on the page: Network) has been horseback riding since her childhood, owns her own horse and is working as a coach with the method of horse assisted Coaching, I’ve been lucky to be able to be in a lot of contact with horses.

These strong, powerful and at the same time so gentle, empathic creatures fascinate me.

A few years ago I also started working energetically with horses and was blissfully surprised how they react to me, or better said what flows through me to them.

While working with them I also let myself be guided by the spirit world and serve as a channel so that the horse receives exactly what is needed in this moment.


I do have to add that my energetical healing work is not a substitute for the visit of a veterinarian and I don’t give a diagnosis.


But this energy healing can ground your horse, dissolve blocking energies, can relax it and help support healing processes.


Animals are amazing companions in life and they deserve to be seen in the entirety of their being!