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Sound Healing

Energy Healing

Numerous ancient cultures and civilizations were deeply connected with nature and the unseen worlds and realms. Within many indigenous peoples, illnesses such as dementia, cancer and cardiac diseases are unknown. They are illnesses of our society, of which the structures concerning so many areas of our lives no longer live up to a natural way of being.

First the soul falls ill, then the body. Everyone has a physical and a non-physical body. In our non-physical body we carry imprints of old traumas, genetical predispositions, unresolved issues and blocking thought and belief patterns. Often these things are not conscious to us. But they can influence our lives far more than we might expect them to.             Also, if we lead a life that is not in alignment with our soul’s essence, it can lead to dis-ease and illness. Our body is a magnificent mirror of our soul, that indicates when something is out of balance.


               Let yourself be deeply touched by the sounds of my voice


I let many different elements flow into my energy healing work, that come together harmoniously, such as spiritual medial healing, quantum healing, frequencies and first and foremost sound healing with my voice and many sound healing instruments.

I am always guided and supported by the spirit world and my intuition, while I serve as a channel, through which healing can occur on different levels. Blockages can be dissolved on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

As a singer I love working with my voice. Music has always had a great influence on me and is one of the main pillars of my life. It always moves me anew how healing sounds can affect our body and our wellbeing. It has been shown that sound penetrates our cells deeply and can support and accelerate healing processes. Sound and vibration can dissolve deep, painful emotions and blockages.

When I am in deep connection with the universal energy, light-codes, healing energies and light-information flows through me, which I then transform into healing sounds and vibration. And so, with my voice I let these healing sounds and vibrations flow into your physical and non-physical body, which reach the core of your being and help you to once again experience and feel your primary connection to your true Self and to the source of all there is.                                In addition, I utilize the vibration and the sound of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, other sound instruments and work with planetary tuning forks and shamanic drumming.

A sound healing session also works incredibly well via phone, which makes it possible for me to give you a session, no matter where in the world we might be. We live in a quantum universe, in which the effect of energy work is not bound by time and space, even if that might be hard to comprehend for some, because of our human, linear thinking mind.

In such a healing session, the exact light-information, healing frequencies, sounds and vibrations flow into you, that are of the highest benefit to you.You can also let me know about a certain issue or problem, for which I will receive your individual sound and vibration.

If you wish, I can record our session and provide you an MP3 file, so you have the possibility to dive into this world of sound over and over again and can thereby deepen and support your inner process.



                                   Cleanse your non-physical body


Especially for very sensitive and empathic people it is crucial to cleanse your energy field. We can take on other’s energies quickly, sometimes without realizing it. These can literally stick to and exhaust us and put a strain on us. I can help you cleanse your energy field, get rid of energies that don’t belong to you and show you how you can also do this on your own.

I find it very important to choose personal responsibility. Every person carries within themselves a potential that most are not aware of. We are all multidimensional beings, that make their experiences as humans here on earth. 

It brings me great joy to help people come back into contact with their true Self and core of their being through my music and voice, through healing sound and energy healing, to assist them in letting go of what no longer serves them and bringing it into healing, to help them dissolve blockages, to discover and explore their very own, unique potential and to find the courage to bring it to fruition.


I work in the field of energy healing.

I don't give any diagnosis or medical consultation and I am not able to subscribe medicine.

My work is not a substitute for a consultation or treatment by a doctor.