Meditation/Inner Journeys


Inner Journeys

There is a zen saying that says:

Meditate 20 minutes per day, unless you have no time,

then you should meditate for an hour.


In a world that has become so fast moving, in which society is focused so much on the outer things of life, such as reputation, money, profit, power etc., most people have forgotten how to be still… How to close your eyes, let the world be for a moment, to connect with yourself, ground yourself, center yourself and to create your life from this space of stillness, clarity, strength and presence.

Many are afraid to enter this silent space, because they believe that the emotions, thoughts and feelings that will come raining down on them, are simply too hard to bear.

But exactly that is the fallacy.

By forcing ourselves to always function, by pushing away and burying what is uncomfortable, instead of looking at it and healing it, we collect more and more baggage.

There are so many positive aspects of meditation, as many studies show.

It has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, the immune system, lets us dive deep into the different types of brain waves and can be extremely helpful in dealing with anxiety, stress, worries, blocked energies etc.

In this world, which can be so challenging at times, meditation helps us to come back to ourselves, to find, feel and strengthen the core of our being, to reconnect us with source, to explore our inner worlds, to heal our body, to perceive ourselves in our entirety and learn to love ourselves again.


It would be my pleasure to help you find your own access to meditation or dive in deeper, if you wish, and have been meditating for a while already.


I also give guided, inner journeys, which let you immerge deep into your inner worlds. I accompany you to places, where you can relax, replenish and dissolve issues, blockages and more. These inner journeys are a wonderful opportunity to get to know ourselves better, to feel ourselves fully and to dissolve and transform blocking energies and emotions.

On these inner journeys I am also being guided and supported by my connection to the spirit world and also use, if you wish, my voice and instruments to create sounds that support healing.


Even if there are only a few people in this fast moving world, that is so focused on consumption, that take this road less travelled, the most important journey you will ever take, is the inner one.

Most people distract themselves with too much and unhealthy foods, television, computers etc., running from one point to the next, while not noticing that they are missing their entire lives.


It may seem frightening to some people to leave their comfort zone, to walk towards the unknown, to, maybe for the first time ever, really look within, to pause and become still.


But from my own experience I can truly say that it is absolutely worth it!


The wisdom and teachings of the ancient civilizations and indigenous people are more up-to-date than ever.


In a world of profound change, where nothing seems to be “safe” anymore, it is really worth going within and finding true stability within yourself that is independent of anything and anyone in the outer world.


In these times that we live in, it is of the utmost importance that more and more people realize who they truly are! Powerful beings of light!